The only thing you need is an open mind, positive attitude, and a willingness to train hard. 
Okay, okay... you're still going to need a few things. Your own gear will always better than any loaners available at the gym... and it'll probably smell better too.

1. WATER: I suggest at least a 32 oz. water bottle. You'll be sweating a lot, so keep yourself hydrated during the workout.
2. TOWEL: Again, you'll be sweating a lot. Do everyone a favor and dry yourself up in between rounds.
3. JUMP ROPE: Essential for warm-ups, plus building rhythm and coordination.
4. HAND WRAPS: Buy 180" Semi-Elastic (AKA Mexican Style) Hand Wraps for knuckle protection & wrists support. For the little kids, 108" length & 120" for the bigger kids.
5. BOXING GLOVES: Get 16 oz. Velcro Hook & Loop Style Training Gloves. Read my guide below for more details on picking out the right gloves for you.
6. BOXING SHOES: Please help keep our gym floors sanitary & buy a pair of Boxing or Wrestling shoes, or athletic sneakers that you'll reserve specifically for in-gym-usage.
Things to note: Always bring a spare shirt to change into. Be sure to let your gear dry thoroughly after every session. Deep-clean and disinfect your gear often. Doing this helps keep the odor-causing bacteria away. Once your gloves start to stink, you'll never be able to get rid of that smell.

What Boxing Gloves should you buy?
If you could only buy one pair of Boxing gloves for all-purpose training, I'd suggest you get 16 oz. Velcro Hook & Loop Style Training Gloves. This can be used for all of your bag-work, as well as sparring when you're ready for that. If you do not plan to spar, then the weight of the gloves won't matter much... but I'd still go within 12oz - 16oz for optimal hand protection. Below are some of my personal recommendations of products I've used at different price-points.
For those on a budget or unsure of their commitment:
Just get whatever you like with what you'll find at general sporting goods stores like Big 5, Sportsman's Warehouse, or Dick's. It's most likely going to be an Everlast branded product, but whatever you choose, make sure they are 16 oz. Velcro Hook & Loop Style Training Gloves. Online retailers like Title Boxing and Ringside also have good budget-friendly training gloves available.
For those who want to invest a little more & commit to training:
Generally, I've found that any training glove near the price of $100 and higher is well worth the money. The gloves in this price range will last you much longer than any budget option. These are the gloves I personally use and recommend:
1.  Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Style Boxing Gloves (16 oz.) – My all time favorite in classic style, durability & comfort.
2. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves (16 oz.) – Superior wrist support & all-around protection with a modern stylish look.
3. Everlast Powerlock 2 (16 oz.) – I love the feel of these gloves, tight fitting & conforms to hands nicely.
For those who want the best that money can buy:
If you want to invest in some premium Boxing gloves, look no further than the Winning brand. There's a reason why the world's best fighters use them: quality, optimal hand-protection, and reliable durability. While they won't make you any better as a fighter – they'll definitely last you for years to come. I absolutely love my Winning gloves. Be aware that if you find these gloves on the market for anything than $300 – they're definitely knock-offs.
For children I'd recommend any gloves made specifically for kids sold by Title Boxing, Ringside, or just hop on Amazon and see what that gets you.


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